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Here is an extended version Modpaka Jovi to patch 0.9.1.
It includes some familiar fashion, which were not included in the first version – “Olenemer” (XVM Mod) and Superior Zoom (4X-step sight).
Instead, we ask only subscription to our interesting channel. Needless huskies and nice comments are welcome too.
List of mods:
1. Convenient sights:
* Do Jovi
* Minimalistic
* Turquoise
* Sight Flashes
* Sight Amveya921
* Sight Murazora
* Sight a la Ghost Recon
* Super-sight from MeltyMap
* Art-sight “Sword of Damocles”
* Art-sight “TAIPAN”
* Reduction as K. Oreshkina
* Reducing the angle of entry of the projectile
2. Useful things in battle:
* Indicator direction shelling
* Disable random shooting
* Adjustment range finder
* Calculator his armor
* Increased image display “Sixth Sense”
3. Angles traverse:
* Out of the corner
* Theater
* Big semicircle
* From MeltyMap
4. Dashboard:
* Recycle and review
* Easy to use control
* Colour bar
5. Panel damage:
* Do Jovi
* Interface from zayaz
* Panel from GambitER
* Minimalistic panel from marsoff
6. Battle chat:
* Message “I marred!” Appears at 5 allied tanks.
* Message History
7. Zvonochek crit
8. Seclusion Camera + free camera from the WG:
* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake
* 4-step sniper scope
9. Changing the appearance of:
* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
* “White corpses” tanks and wagons
* Colored decals projectile
* Bright F / W platform on maps
10. Increased visibility
11. Improvements in the hangar:
* Statistics gaming session
* Vertical tree development
* List of tanks in two rows
* Displaying the fighting in the platoon
* Ping
* Detailed descriptions of skills
* Hours
* Improved the list of fights at GC
* Auto-saves the last selected server in patch 0.8.10
12. Complex modes XVM:
* Display player stats (Olenemer)
* Asterisk indicator danger Player
* Alt. + art markers markers focus / protection goals.
* Markers glows in the ears team
* Mini map with sonar
* Log personal damage
* Markers glows in the ears of the team: three options
* Seven different images perk “The Sixth Sense”
* Aka “The Sixth Sense”: quiet, medium and loud.
* Voice timer 10 seconds after glows
* Alt. icons tanks in the ears team
13. Alt. mini-map with euro server.
14. WoT Tweaker Plus – a program to raise the FPS

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