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Blue Laser Legendary Effect


This mod adds a new legendary effect. It will turn any laser blue, complete with disintegration and blue ash pile, similar to institute lasers. It’s also similar to the “Powerful” effect as it adds 25% more damage. Now I know there are mods that make all lasers blue, but I didn’t want to lose the red versions so I decided to make this effect.
The only way to add this effect to your weapons is a little tedious. Here’s a step by step.

1) Open the console with the tilde (~) key and type the following command:
help blueshift 4
Grab the ID of the mod, it should look like this: xx000800. Where xx is the position of the mod in your load order (see installation below).

2) Drop your weapon and grab it by holding E (or the key you assigned to “Activate”). Open the console again and type the following command:

3) Finally, type the following command to add the effect to your weapon:
ff0014f9.amod xx000800
Where xx000800 is the ID you got in the first step and ff0014f9 the ID of the weapon you got in the second step.


Please note that this effect was not tested on ballistic weapons. I don’t think it would break anything, but, as always, do so at your own risks.


The weapon will not gain any prefix upon adding the effect. I don’t think this is a major problem as you can rename weapons in-game. I might look into it if it bothers too many people.


Drop BlueLaserMod.esp in your Fallout 4\Data folder. Activate the mod. If this is the first mod you install, please follow this link for a tutorial on how to install mods.


Using the steps above, remove the mod from your weapons by using the following command:
removemod xx000800
Delete BlueLaserMod.esp from your Fallout 4\Data folder.


You can do whatever you want with this file.


This mod was made with FO4Edit, so, thanks to the team for their work!
Thanks to dukemordred for the easier method for attaching mods to weapons. Game changer!

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