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Role Play Fallout – RPF Fallout 4

Start fresh and roam the Commonwealth as your favourite companions from the original game. Each story begins at a different location with different character stats bringing immersion and game balance. Currently featuring Cait, Piper and Preston, simply download one or all of the provided save files to begin your new journey.


Essentially Recommended Mods:
Due to the fact that character dialogue will still be in the voice of the Sole Survivor I would recommend installing the mods below to complete the immersion. If you’ve played with the companions long enough in-game you’ll be reading the dialogue in their voice anyway.

Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan OR NewDialog by shadwar (Recommended)
Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera by KhaoMatt (Including the Mute plug-in)

Download the recommended mods above first following their instructions.

Manually download either the full pack of characters or individual character files.
Extract using 7-Zip (or other) to your My DocumentsMy GamesFallout4Saves folder
Launch Fallout 4 and load the character save file.

This mod won’t affect your other savefiles, so really there is no need to uninstall.

You can delete character saves in-game through the main menu, or by visiting your Fallout4Saves folder. The downloaded files have unique names so should be easy to find.


The Fallout 4 Wiki – for the character backgrounds, console commands and all the perk info.
Face Ripper by xatmos – for giving me the ability to rip companion faces to perfection.
Subtle ENB by noidkid – for use in the screenshots, awesome ENB, get it!
You! – for checking out the mod, hope you enjoy it, let me know of any bugs you find or any feedback you may have, thanks!


Cait’s parents were abusive, distant, and fought constantly. They sold her into slavery once she turned eighteen, where she spent five years of enslavement pickpocketing her owners to obtain enough caps to buy her freedom. After doing so, she chose to track down and murder her parents in revenge for her treatment. She eventually found herself in the Combat Zone, a former theater re-purposed as a fight club for Raiders, and has been fighting there for the past three years.

Name: Cait
Level: 10
Unique Perk: Trigger Rush
Traits: Her years spent in slavery have trained her pickpocket and locksmith abilities. She has been toughened up from her time in the combat zone and is able to quickly discover an opponent’s weakness. Her drug abuse over the years has caused her to build up a tolerance.

Where the Story Begins: In the Combat Zone arena Cait has just wiped the floor with her previous opponent causing a brawl to break out among the spectators. Seizing the opportunity, Cait aims for the unattended gate and an equally unattended shotgun on the nearest table. It’s her time to rid the Commonwealth of scum, by any means necessary…
Hint: A group of Raiders guard the entrance to the Combat Zone, be careful when you exit.

Piper grew up in a small community outside of the Commonwealth with her sister, Nat, and their father, who was a member of the local militia. After her father was found dead under suspicious circumstances, Piper learned that he had discovered a raider plot to sack the town. Eventually Piper and Nat relocated to Diamond City where she began her career as an investigative journalist. Her fervor for discovering the truth made her popular for a while, but eventually public opinion turned against the nosy reporter. Even so, finding herself in sticky situations is a point of pride for Piper, who feels getting into trouble is just part of chasing the truth.

Name: Piper Wright
Level: 6
Unique Perk: Gift of Gab
Traits: As a journalist Piper has gained a certain level of strength and endurance to see each day through to it’s end, but it doesn’t stop her other senses being heightened at night. What Piper wants Piper gets, she trades at her prices, she has expert hacking skills and she has become skilled in her ability to sneak. When on the trail of a story the path towards it is shown clearly.

Where the Story Begins: Piper has come across a story that should guarantee the success of her newspaper for years to come, a story that first requires answers. Rather tipsy from the preemptive celebrations the previous night it’s time to gear up and head out.. undercover.. seeking answers.. and a story.
Hint: Head to the Detective Agency in Diamond City if you want to start questing.

Preston Garvey originally enrolled with the Minutemen under Colonel Hollis at the age of seventeen. Regrettably, the Minutemen settlements grew complacent leading to the event known as the Quincy Massacre which catalyzed the disintegration of the remaining Minutemen settlements. Consequently, Preston gathered the few remaining Quincy civilians and loyal Minutemen and fled to Lexington before eventually settling at a more secure location in Concord. Preston hopes to rebuild the Minutemen and retake their old stronghold known as “The Castle”, alone if need be.

Name: Preston Garvey
Level: 5
Unique Perk: United We Stand
Traits: Preston wields his rifles like no other, benefiting from faster reloads, steadier aim and increased penetration damage. He is an inspirational character with the ability to lead skilled companions and build advanced settlements.

Where the Story Begins: In a bid to recover supplies from an old Minuteman hideout in Lexington, Preston Garvey travels alone and undetected by the swarms of ghouls which now occupy the area. Unfortunately a costly error sets off a booby trap of explosions attracting much unwanted attention. Preston must fight his way free before he can continue with his goal of uniting the people of the Commonwealth under the protection of Minutemen.
Hint: Ghouls are going to attack you when you load in, get that trigger finger ready.


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