Minutemen Radiant Quest Bug – Get out of my quest log Mod

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Minutemen Radiant Quest Bug – Get out of my quest log Mod

Have you come across a problem where you are out in the wastelands and suddenly it says that you failed a settlement quest and should talk to preston, only to find out that the objective is already checked as completed, but still in your inventory? I am a bit ocd about quests in games and there is nothing more infuriating than having a quest that is stuck in your inventory because of a bug. Preston is a name that warrants hatred and loathing by all those with ocd and don’t want their quest log spammed. This has been a problem since release and nobody has really addressed this issue so here I am!

Now you can really stick it to Preston without having to take drastic measures that could bug up your game! This bat file completes all minutemen radiant quests, including the bugged ones that you cant see from sqt! Now, this is my first file uploaded to the site and hasn’t been tested on all possible minutemen quests. I may have missed a few quest IDs. If that’s the case, please let me know and I’ll figure something out.


Completes all radiant minutemen quests
Removes bugged minutemen quests that you can’t see in sqt by forcing them to complete


1.Download file and place in your main Fallout 4 folder in steamapps
2.While in game open up the console and really stick it to Preston by typing in “bat fupreston” and hit enter
3.Watch as Preston’s sins on your quest log are washed away.

CAUTION: Before saving after running this bat file, check your minutemen quests and make sure the important ones are still there. I don’t think I made any mistakes regarding important quests but you never know.

Also, check out this guy’s bat files to get rid of those other annoying bugged quests:

As always, if Preston starts talking to you about another settlement, run the opposite direction! Stay safe, my friends.

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