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Covenant Peaceful Solution Fallout 4

Note: The text below has spoilers! If you haven’t played this quest already, then don’t download this.

Let’s face it the vanilla quest “Human Error” is really out of place in Fallout 4. Basically you have to choose between two evils of equal magnitude. For one you could allow them to keep torturing people, Second, you could kill everyone at the Covenant compound and Covenant itself. You have only those two choices, you can’t get out of it with speech checks, stealth, or by any other means. The climax just doesn’t make sense. There isn’t even a neutral choice for those roleplaying as neutral.

Current features:
1. No one in Covenant dies.
2. You can (eventually) kill Dr. Chambers without consequence
3. No one in the Covenant HQ dies (unless you want)
4. If you later kill Dr. Chambers, with stealth, theoretically in the FO universe their torture stops.
5. Stockton gets his *ahem*(synth)daughter back
6. You can build a settlement in Covenant
7.Covenant turrets remain intact

Follow the readme.txt for installation.


Go through the quest as you please at first. It branches off from there. Of course you should reject Jacob Orden’s request to just let it go.
You may just run past him. Or try to negotiate, doesn’t matter. Go to the Covenant HQ ideally WITHOUT tell Honest Dan. If Jacob told them to expect you that’s fine, or you’ll have to pass a hard speed check(I’m going to fix that too). Speak to Dr. Chambers and at the end accept her offer.
Before she finishes at her terminal, go up and speak with amelia all the way through. That will say you saved her and Old Man Stockton will be happy. Then , Dr. Chambers should thank you for the cooperation. Then you can feel free to go back to covenant and speak with Jacob Orden again. Now you can use the workshop.
Note: In my video Jacob was wandering off because I also loaded a settlement area expansion mod that I’m also working on.

If you kill Dr. Chambers with a clean stealth kill AFTER you unlock Covenant workshop by talking to Jacob
the town shouldn’t turn on you.

You have to both put the .esp in your mod folder AND add my modified script into fallout 4/data/scripts. for it to work.
See readme.txt
Once the G.E.C.K. comes out and allows for easier modification I plan to allow for a plausible resolution to this whole problem. Honestly, this is just a proof of concept and a somewhat sloppy one. Ideally I’d like to embed the solution into the dialog itself.

Luckily Honest Dan or “Discount Dan” as he is known in the game files, has a lot of cut voice acting content, including an amenable resolution to this whole thing. I just can’t get to it without better mod tools.

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1 Response

  1. Jonathan says:

    I really liked this Quest fix.

    Here is how i beat it, I got the information i needed out of Mr Odgen’s Terminal, and then i got the message (Optional talk to Dan) im sitting there all like what a minute it was never optional to talk to Honest Dan. So i said to my self, im not bringing him in to the compound to meet Doctor Chambers and so i did not do that.

    At the front gate i made sure that the compound guards would let me though peacefully and then extend the bridge and all of that. i tried to find Odgen so the guards would say the dialog “Ogden sent him”, but i could not find Ogden Any where in Covenant so i got the dialog (h showed up on our door step what was i supposed to do). once i reached Doctor chambers i refused her offer and the guards in the compound room actually remained peaceful. also Doctor chambers said you will just have to kill me as always. but i did not kill her. i just pressed the unlock button on the terminal and let out Amelia Stockton and then i went to see Old Man Stockton and beat the quest and also this mod did exactly what it was supposed to do it let to no one getting hurt as long as i made the right choices. it was such a nice mod.

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