Eysenbeiss’ almost ‘all-in-one’ Settlement Expansion for FO4

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Eysenbeiss’ almost ‘all-in-one’ Settlement Expansion for FO4

This is the all-on-one many people have asked for – it does not contain all of my expansions, because there are several mods that have more then one option, but atm.( April 8th 2016) there are 21 settlements included !

The yet included settlements are:

Bunker Hill, Covenant, Coastal Cottage, Croup Manor, Egret Tours Marina, Graygarden, Greentop Nursery, Hangman’s Alley, Jamaica Plains, Kingsport Lighthouse, Murkwater Construction Site, Nordhagen Beach, Oberland Station, Outpost Zimonja, Red Rocket, Sanctuary, Sunshine Tidings Co, Taffington Boathouse and Warwick Homestead – Ten Pines is now included too, but with the new version !

You can therefore take all the single esp off your list / loadorder, since the settings are the same.

If you want to use the area of the old Ten Pines expansion, you need to place the old esp behind the aio in your load order !

As for the excluded Settlements:Finch Farm, Starlight Drive-In, County Crossings and The Slog have more then one version to choose from and since I definetly won’t mess with installers, scripts and such things, they will remain excluded !

If I should decide to include those four in the final Version, it will always be the smaller Version, except for Finch Farm.

Abernathy Farm, Spectacle Island and the Castle are big enough – I won’t do expansions for them, at least not public versions.

Somerville Place – already done, will be part of the next Version.
Boston Airport – already done, will be part of the next Version.
Homeplate – wouldn’t make any sense at all.

Update V4/light: The Version includes the newly redone Coastal Cottage expansion, making it possible to build an outpost at the River, near the Bridge, while the main area is still the same – Screenshot included.

Update V3/light: Now includes a new Version of Oberland Station, that adds an additional lot at the shore and the Hangman’s Alley
The new Version of the Oberland Station is fully compatible to the first Version, you can delete the old esp.

The light Version is the same, just without the Mechanist’s Lair.

Attention: to make use of the V3, you need the additional file, since I created a completly new record and it seems like it was’t done the best way – the new V3a includes the necessary file, the V3 light is okay, you just need to download the additional file and place it before the aio in your loadorder – using the NMM will do that automatically, since it notices dependencys.

The final Version won’t need the additional file.

Update V2:

I have just uploaded a newer Version of this “all-in-one” – The V2 now contains the rework of Ten Pines and the Mechanist’s Lair V1 !
Also, there is a light Version of this V2 for those that do not have the Automatron DLC as of now and if you’re one of them, this is the right Version for you.

If you are using the first Version of my Ten Pines expansion, you might want to check out the update before replacing the all-in-one and the old Pines.esp, since it is really different and you else might lose some things you’ve build there.

If you don’t want to encounter the message, that “this save game contains elements that are no longer present” or similar, you have to rename the new esp file to match the older one – if you were already using the older TenPines expansion, this message will show up nonetheless.

Remember:all expansions are not “over the top” – they are adding some space to settlements and/or are made to correct certain aspects, like lopsided borders, giving access to places that are near rivers or the ocean but have no direct access to them and things like that.

If you are looking for humongous, over the top, ridiculous large expansions, you have to choose a different mod.

Like stated and mentioned in the descriptions of some of my mods:

If you encounter bugs like respawning Molerats, Ghoul corpses, cell-reset, container resets or anything like that ….. it is NOT due to this or similar mods !

All these bugs are also occuring in pure and unedited vanilla games, since they are real bugs, hardcoded and due to bad programming !

One last tipp:

By using this, or single expansions, you will be able to scrap a lot more things in the added zones, when using mods like “Spring Cleaning” or “Scrap Everything” but the more you scrap, the more likely that you will encounter LOD or even CTD.

I have included possible obstacles in the description for the Bunker Hill expansions f.e. – so THINK before scrapping or at least, make quicksaves, since there are more dependencys then anybody can imagine.

Update on the tipp: If you think that your PC is strong enough, you can try and add the following line to your Fallout.ini under [Display]


this has solved almost all Culling and LOD problems I was encountering, but beware, it will raise the load your gfx-card has to handle a lot and might result in lags !!

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