Craftable Institute Elevator for FO4

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Craftable Institute Elevator for FO4

This will add 2-6 story version of custom Institute elevator to your settlement. You can craft them under ‘Metal-Prefab’ category.

There are 4 version of this mod that you could choose from:
– The Institute Elevator
– The Institute Elevator with NO call button
– The Institute Elevator-All Glass
– The Institute Elevator-All Glass with NO call button

—You are advised to switch into 3rd person view when you’re using the elevator—

SK compatible without any patch.
Also with no call button version
For the Institute floor and floor with lights and other objects you’ve seen in the video, you will find them in my other mod – Settlement Objects Expansion Pack


If you use many mods at same time (especially mods like Homemaker, OCDecorator, SSEx that add their own keywords), you may reach the crafting menu limit, and thus cause issues like items from my mod is not showing up. Please use SK or uninstall other mods as the GECK is not yet released.


Install it with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) OR
manually copy the corresponding version of ESP file and Meshes Folder in Data and enable the esp
After installing/enabling the file, you should be able to use the items in the Workshop Menu, Enjoy your new toys!


If you still encounter crash or cannot find objects while using this mod, it may caused by the following:

– Too many mods that add settlement objects to menu and hit the cap limit, thus causing issues (Need to wait for GECK to solve the problem)
– Using mods that MODIFY INTERFACE (UI) of the game (Please delete any .swf files that has ‘workshop’ in the name in DataInterface )
– Meshes files not placed/installed correctly, especially for those encounter crash in certain category of menu (Please manually check the
files is copy correctly no matter you installed it manually OR using mod manager (including NMM), because NMM/mod manager may missed files)

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Remove Turret Power Requirement
Advanced Settlement Turret Set
Advanced Portable Turret Set
Selectable Mark I-VII Machinegun Turret
Custom Mark II-VIII Machinegun Turret
New Marking Style for Machinegun Turret
Fat Lady
Pipe Turret
Sonic Blaster
Institute EMP Rifle
Plasma Pulse Rifle
Disgusting Settlement Turret Set
Automatic Conversion for Non-automatic Weapons

The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot
Ponytail Variations by opengts
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction by ChaosWWW (F4ECC 1.2 used)
Fallout 4 Seasons Project by GameDuchess (Summer used)
Concealed Armors by Nisas
Homemaker – Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
Water Enhanced by Jmane2009 (4K version used)
The Institute Pip-boy by Aeyos

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