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Immersive Scrapping Fallout 4

Immersive Scrapping

This mod is dedicated to fix a ton of junk and scrap to contain the proper components and proper amount. After playing Fallout 4 for over 200 hours, I simply found it ridiculous how much details has been put in this game and yet how inconsistent scrapping is. Hey, c’mon. Simple math: One tire = 4 rubber, 20 tires = 10 rubber? What?! And don’t get me started on aluminum.. or electrical stuff.. or cars.. Do you know how many components a car is build of? And yet we just get metal?

And yes, this mod is in parts similar to Citre’s mod “Mo Betta Scrap”, but this mod has about twice as much changes.

Important! Always backup your saves before installing a new mod!
This mod has been created with the 1.3 version and might not work properly in older versions of Fallout 4!

Change Log


– Split cars and rusty cars up in three groups (small, normal, big)
– Added screw, gears, leather and other parts to cars to be more realistic
– Small cars will have less, big cars will have more (except for leather, that is matched to the amount of seats)
– Increased the amount of materials you get from destroyed houses (they’re huge man, give me something for it!)
– Decreased the amount of concrete a single block gives
– Increased the amount of concrete larger concrete walls give (yes, I’ve counted every block)
– Increased the amount of rubber tire piles give (and yes, I’ve counted every tire)
– Changed materials on items that clearly have been made from another material (Wood soldier to ceramic? aluminium can to steel?)
– Matched component amounts to weight
– Matched component amounts to match sub parts (Giddyup Buttercup)
– Added copper to a lot of electrical items and machines (If I can see wires, I should scrap them)
..and a lot of minor tweaks.

Will add a full and detailed list soon!

Known Issues

– Big cars miss nuclear material and have more springs instead

All known Issues will be fixed as soon as possible!

Future Changes

– Trees: A stump can’t give more wood than a hole tree, right?
– Cigarets: If we can’t smoke them, at least give us proper scrap!
– Weapon and Armor mods

If you have more ideas or stumbled across any problems, let me know!


There is already a german translation, provided by myself. But if you want to translate this mod to another language or want to request a certain language, just go ahead and ask =) I’ll try my very best!

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