Preston Garvey as Roman Bellic OR the Bobrovs as BOTH Bellics NPC

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Preston Garvey as Roman Bellic OR the Bobrovs as BOTH Bellics NPC

Behold. Preston Garvey is now Roman Bellic from GTAIV.

Given the annoying nature of both characters I’ve decided to merge them together in Fallout 4. Now, not only will Preston annoy you with your settlements – he will now remind you that you need to go bowling with your cousin Roman!

This is a just-for-fun mod, and my first for Fallout 4. I decided to make this mod after seeing a picture which put Roman’s face on Preston’s (see below) and I thought to myself “Jesus that’s beautiful.” So, I searched the Nexus for about two seconds and came up empty handed. Thus I made this. Any who, it’s just a simple .esp face replacer for Preston. In addition I gave Preston more fitting clothes for when you first meet him, now he’s properly attired in (somewhat) bowling clothes. If you’re into the game and have Preston as a companion, changed clothes, etc. etc. the clothes probably won’t change. I tried giving him a bowling ball and some pins but they wouldn’t add into his inventory, oh well.

Not much else to add. Oh! I should also mention that this is my first time trying to remake a specific character in F4, so it probably isn’t perfect – but I think it came out pretty good. If you guys like it let me know, maybe I’ll make some more, this was actually pretty fun 😛

and now he really is!


Clean and fresh out of Vault 111, decide the fate of the Wasteland as either Niko or Roman! (oh boy..)

Niko Roman

If you don’t want to start a clean save and lose all your precious settlements you can save either Niko or Roman’s face into your current save all thanks to Face Ripper!

Here’s how – get Face Ripper and then follow its instructions on either the Save-to-Save if you downloaded the save game files. It’s very simple.

Instructions direct from Face Ripper’s page for sake of convenience:

How to transfer your character’s* face from one save to another:
1. Download and open this utility, it can be run from anywhere.
2. Browse for your source save, the save with the face you want to use.
3. Browse for your target save, the save with the progress, stats, etc. you want to use.
4. Verify “Player – 7” is selected for both source and target.
5. Hit Transfer Face and the new merged save will be created.

* You can rip faces from NPCs that you have edited with the LooksMenu too!

New Optional Main File
The new optional main file (and my new personal favorite) overhauls Yefim and Vadim Bobrov of the Dugout Inn into Niko and Roman Bellic. Use this if you don’t want Preston overhauled and don’t want to use save games but still want to see Niko and Roman. Vefim and Vadim are the perfect match for the Bellics.


By now we all know how to install stuff for Fallout 4. Just DL it and active the .esp.

(Optional Save Game) Installation instructions are located in the file as a .txt. Long story short, extract the .fos save game file(s) into your Fallout4 Saves folder.

Okay cousin, another time perhaps.

Face Ripper – Huge thanks for this!
koel700 and Ryanc229 – initial idea of turning the Bobrovs into the Bellics.
rusty559 – for bringing up the lack of Niko
I used a quick start savegame as well, but I can’t find it. Thanks to.. whomever’s quickstart I used!

You can use this mod however you want, in terms of fixes, enhancements or using the face in your own mod. I just ask that you put me in the credits, and go bowling with me.

Hey General! Let’s go bowling!

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