Deployables – Crafting Stations – Power Armor – and More for FO4

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Deployables – Crafting Stations – Power Armor – and More for FO4

Hello, this mod page is all about…

This mod allows you to;

Deploy crafting stations such as an Armor Workbench.
Deploy Power Armor such a a new set of T-51.
Deploy weapon cashes with heavy weapons such as a Fat Man inside.
Deploy a not-so-friendly Assaultron to mix up the action.
Deploy Sleeping Bags, Chairs, and More!

But How?

With this mod, you can now build a “Dropper’s Dropoff”
under Crafting in any settlement Workshop.

The Dropper’s Dropoff works like a workbench but is really like a store.
Use it and go into the Deployables category.
From there you can buy any Deployable, which comes in 5 varieties.

Here’s what you can get, and what it costs.

Deployable Station
Lay down a crafting station where ever the mood strikes you.

Armor – 250 Caps
Chemistry – 250 Caps
Cooking – 250 Caps
Weapons – 250 Caps
Power Armor – 500 Caps

Deployable Power Armor
Need something, right now, for when the heat turns up? Drop down a set of Power Armor,
complete with Fusion Core, for those special occasions without lugging your old set around.
For more advanced sets, higher levels of the Science! perk will be needed.

Raider – 2000 Caps – No perk needed
T-45 – 2500 Caps – Rank 1 of Science! Perk
T-51 – 3000 Caps – Rank 2 of Science! Perk
T-60 – 4000 Caps – Rank 3 of Science! Perk
X-01 – 5000 Caps – Rank 4 of Science! Perk

Deployable Cashe
Want to be prepared for anything, but don’t want to lug around all that heavy equipment?
Call down a weapon cashe with your favorite weapon ready and willing for you to lay wastes with.
For each weapon, you’ll need to prove your worth with an associated perk to buy them.

Super Sledge – 250 Caps – Rank 1 of Big Leagues Perk
Gauss Rifle – 500 Caps – Rank 2 of Rifleman Perk
Gatling Laser – 750 Caps – Rank 3 of Heavy Gunner Perk
Minigun – 750 Caps – Rank 3 of Heavy Gunner Perk
Fat Man – 1000 Caps – Rank 4 of Demolition Expert Perk

Deployable Robot
Need a buddy for a messy situation? Then get the robot DLC Bethesda has planned, because most of these robots aren’t your friends. Bring down an automaton to mix things up, even if you have to put it down later.
For more powerful bots, you’ll need ranks in Robotics Expert to buy, and influence, the robots.

Protectron – 200 Caps – No perk needed
Synth – 400 Caps – No perk needed
Mr. Gutsy – 600 Caps – Rank 1 of Robotics Expert Perk
Assaultron – 800 Caps – Rank 2 of Robotics Expert Perk
Sentry Bot – 1000 Caps – Rank 3 of Robotics Expert Perk

Deployable Miscellaneous
Well, no good category for these, so they go here. Some are useful and some are better served simply crashing onto someone’s head. You can figure out which.

Chair – 100 Caps – Wait anywhere
Sleeping Bag – 200 Caps – Rest anywhere
Car – 100 Caps – Damages when landing, and can be exploded afterwords
Safe – 100 Caps – Damages when landing, can be looted for rebate
Whale – 100 Caps – Damages when landing, can be mutilated for sport…sicko

Each items existence is only temporary, except for Power Armor and any weapons
you take from the cashes, so keep that in mind when you lay them down.

Each item exists as a signal box, which weights about 1 pound, so pack wisely.
They equip like a mine, so you can have them ready at any moment.

Cool but…I said BUT HOW?

Story goes that each item on this list is sold by “The Droppers”
The Droppers allow people to buy their signal boxes from remote kiosks, the Dropper’s Dropoffs.
They sneak in and supply the dropoffs and pick up their caps, but don’t have men at any store.
When one of their signal boxes go off, they get their artillery ready at record speed, aim, and fire!
If you look carefully, you’ll see something land before you get your item, that’s the safety container.
Once it lands it breaks open and releases the item you ordered, perfectly intact!
Wait…how would that…
Yep, makes perfect sense!

Thanks for checking this out!
Hope someone gets a kick out of this mod, it’s mostly for the deployable crafting tables but I figured I’d add the other stuff as well. Hopefully they don’t drown out the useful parts of the mod.
Feel free to give feedback on any items you’d like added, or any changes you think should be made.

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