Shaikujin’s Vault-Tec Assisted Acceleration System for FO4

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Shaikujin’s Vault-Tec Assisted Acceleration System for FO4

Technological Breakthrough!
When Tesla Science magazine published “Future of Warfare”, certain lucky subscribers received a companion issue which describes a breakthrough in V.A.T.S. technology.

With the knowledge found in this companion issue called “Vault-Tec Assisted Acceleration System Technical Manual”, lucky owners of Pipboys can unleash the true potential of V.A.T.S.!

Accelerate your reflexes just like V.A.T.S., but trade the targeting subsystem for the ability to act freely!

What this mod does:
Simply put, Bullet-Time.

Adds 1 perk magazine, 1 new perk and 4 craftable and equipable items which allow players to toggle bullet time on and off using hotkeys.

3 types of triggers are available, better ones have stiffer crafting requirements and more components –
VAAS Deactivator = Switches off VAAS.
VAAS Mk I = Slows time to 30% (same as Jet). Costs 35 AP/sec.
VAAS Mk II = Slows time to 4% (same as VATS). Costs 55 AP/sec.
VAAS Mk III = Slows time to 0.5%. Costs 80 AP/sec.

Triggers are crafted using the Chemistry station. It’s a very small number of items that didn’t warrant adding a new crafting bench.
The triggers themselves, are found in the “Weapons” category when viewing your inventory.
They do not take up any weapon slots to equip and will not impede your use of guns/melee weapons/grenades/unarmed etc.

Comes with custom perk sound FX. Downloaded the bionics sound FX of the old 6 Million Dollar Man TV series from (free for non-profit use) and modified it.
Also comes with custom perk animation. Modified from 1 in the base game. It’s not super amazing, especially since the swf file stretches some of the images, but it’s more of a proof of concept for now and for my learning. Will fix it once I learn more about swf files and tools.

How to install:
I recommend using NMM.
For those who want to do a manual install, just extract the contents of the 7z file to the “Data” folder. Remember to keep the folder structure!

How to use:
1) First, get the perk magazine. It’s lying on the bed within the Root Cellar –

2) The perk it gives allows triggers to be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench under “V.A.A.S.”.
Besides to 3 versions, I recommend crafting the “V.A.A.S. Deactivate” trigger as well, so that it can be hotkeyed (which is the main reason I wanted to make this mod).

3) Once triggers have been created, bring up Pipboy inventory and go to the Weapons tab.
Set 1 hotkey for 1 of the triggers, set another hotkey for “V.A.A.S. Deactivate”.
All 4 triggers uses the same Weapon slot (called “Others” when viewed in FO4Edit). Only 1 trigger can be equipped at any 1 time, and will thus de-ativate the others.

4) Use hotkey to activate or deactivate whenever you need.
Nothing stops the player to go into Pipboy to unequip/deactivate of course.

Known issues:
1) Equipping the de-activator sometimes do not dispel the effect immediately. Suspect the game engine is waiting for the next exact second to come up. However, with time slowed to 30%, 1 second of slowed time becomes 3 secs of apparent time. This becomes more pronounced with the more advanced versions of V.A.A.S. To make the dispel kick in intermediately, just press TAB to bring up the Pipboy screen and exit.

2) Sometimes the de-activator doesn’t dispel at all. I’d intentionally made the spells dis-spellable with keywords. Not sure if this is a game engine issue or if it’s because I have too many mods with keywords loaded. As above, to make the dispel kick in intermediately, just press TAB to bring up the Pipboy screen and exit.

3) Gravity is wonky when time is slowed. The player’s character fall really slowly and sometimes can’t walk down stairs because it actually relies on gravity. This is an in-game effect. If this becomes an issue, I’ll look at increasing gravity settings in a future version. Good thing is that you can “glide” really far.

4) Opening doors when time is slowed results in having to wait for the door to open. If the door is an entrance to another cell, Pipboy access is disabled as well so the toggles cannot be unequipped.

Made entirely using FO4Edit.
There are a few Bullet Time mods already, but I wanted something that is fire and forget, and ends when I wanted it to.
Initial version was a Power Armor mod, but I got tired of having to re-set my hotkey every time I exited my PA.
This version that works both in and out of power armor seems like a good direction.
I made Aluminium and Screws as the base components as my brain screamed at using Steel (which can still rust and shouldn’t even come from Tin cans) and Adhesive (what? I have to glue my gun together? really!?)
AP usage seems quite high, but is hard to balance. The benchmark that I used is that even a 1 Agility character can use Mk I for 6-7 seconds. With armor mods that grant AP/increase AP refresh, and consumables that restores AP, this shouldn’t be an issue.
Plus, the more advanced versions are more efficient since AP cost only increase by about 50% per upgrade, while effect is increased by about 900%.

My other mods:
Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements being attacked

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