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ImmersiveDamage Mod

Playing survival I felt it lacked realism. Either my weapons were OP, or the enemies bulletsponges. By simply making the damage dealt by the player to be 100% instead of vanillas 50%, and enemies scaled up to 400%, my high endurance was countered. Suddenly we are all fragile (Human enemies). All weapons were more relevant again.
Damage perks (Commando, etc) was again vital, as well as the toughness perk. Simply put, immersion in the context of the vanilla perks.
This mod is intended especially for the lvl 50+ character, with maximized Gun nut perks resulting in powerfull weapons, often with legendary prefixes. Too often you can steamroll your enemies without thought at this point.
However, for those looking for a challenge, starting a new character with this is also recommended. Simply put, play as if you are mortal, be tactical and use range + cover to keep the initiative.

Recommended Mods for further immersion/older style Fallout:
Arbitration – Better Combat AI by JackArbiter. I love this mod!
TJ’s Levelled – Leveled List Tweaks by TJ
Dead Body Collision by MadAce
In L.I.E.U. (Leveled Items Extensive Unleveler) by r3g1t0dd
Long Range Bullet Holes by XLSJ
Lowered Weapons by lesma666
My HUD by BluemaxDR
Old Style Criticals by Moraelin
PipBoyShadows by McGuffin
Rain of Brass by XLSJ
Realistic Death Physics – No Animations
Realistic Weapon Sounds by Locusthorde300

Made with FO4Edit
Should not conflict with anything, unless it alters the survival difficulty of the game. (Like “Realistic Survival Damage” by darthbdaman.

Enable mods:
1. Go to …C:UsersEierDocumentsMy GamesFallout4 )
2. Open your Fallout4Custom.ini file, and add the following lines:

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1

The file:
Manual = Copy the content into DATA folder. (E:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonFallout 4Data)
Mod Manager = Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or other mod installation tool.

-Bethesda for making this wonderfull game
-The TES5Edit / FO4Edit Team
-“Realistic Survival Damage” by darthbdaman, for original idea

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