Preston Garvey – Synth (with Voice) Fallout 4

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Preston Garvey – Synth (with Voice) Fallout 4

This mod will change Preston Garvey into a Synth, as well as replace all 2,500 (approx) of his voice files with a tweaked voice.

***UPDATE*** I just realized that the reason I thought a new game start was required was because I had edited Preston’s looks using the “ShowLooksMenu” console command as soon as I first met him. Once he was no longer “default”, this mod wouldn’t change his altered face. I just tried it with an older save and it worked fine. So no new game start needed (as long as you haven’t changed Preston’s default appearance).


1. This mod requires a NEW GAME start. If you’ve already met Preston, using this mod will screw him up.
2. This mod is currently considered beta (or perhaps even alpha), because I have no idea what the consequences may be.
3. If you use the console command “ShowLooksMenu” or SLM on the Synth Preston, your game will crash. There’s no looks menu for synths!
4. If you use this mod, then delete it mid-game, it may have unintended side effects.

So Preston… yeah… personality like cardboard (read: Terrible voice acting). I decided he’d be better suited to being a cyborg with that lackluster personality of his. I’ve changed all of his voice files, as well as his looks. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you intend to use him as a companion, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to remove his armor/clothing or not, or what he may look like if you do so.

My primary goal was to change his voice files. I’m hoping that some other modder here that’s good with companion editing can come up with a better Synth version of Preston. The audio files are all separate files, and the .esp only deals with Preston’s looks, so if someone can come up with a better Preston Synth, users can use that mod along with my audio files.

Two files are provided. One has him looking like a Synth, in light Synth armor. The other file has him wearing Nick Valentine’s outfit. Apparently Synths can’t wear regular armor or outfits.

Install: Extract to your Fallout 4Data directory. Add the name of the .esp you’re using to your plugins.txt file.
Uninstall: Delete the .esp as well as the entire NPCMPrestonGarvey directory located in Fallout 4DatasoundVoicesFallout4.esm folder. Then remove the .esp name from plugins.txt

Please report any bugs!

Note: If you already like the looks of your current Preston, but wish to use the “Synth Voice”, you can download either file, then simply extract just the “sound” folder and subcontents to your Fallout 4Data directory, and not use the .esp file at all.


I may have made it sound risky to use this, but all it really does other than the modified voice files is change how Preston’s body is created by the game. I doubt it would ever “break” your game to use it. I had to put all those warnings because I just created this today (1/19/2016), and haven’t had the time to do a complete playthrough with it.

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