JINA MacCready.esp for FO4

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JINA MacCready.esp for FO4

Jina’s MacCready Transgender Makeover – an attractive, glamorous and lore fantasy female version of player companion, Robert MacCready.

The ninth in a series of companion makeovers that I have been working on utilising FO4Edit, Face Ripper and in game NPC editing tools.

By way of a possible explanation… Being hounded by the Gunners, MacCready found himself in Diamond City. He met Doc Crocker at the Dugout Inn who offered to carry out free facial reconstruction on him as long as he was allowed to be a bit creative with the results. “They will never recognise you with this face.” Seeing the results, MacCready stopped himself from swearing and said something like… “I suppose it could be worse”. Despite the disguise, an informant, Myrna from Diamond City Surplus told Winlock and Barnes from the Gunners about MacCready’s visit to the Mega Surgery Unit and he fled to Good Neighbour with the two Gunners hot on his heels.

Scaling – I have set MacCready’s base size to .98 which makes him/her just a little bit shorter than most other NPCs. All those years in the Lamplight caverns and munching on fungus may have been the cause. If it bothers you… reset his/her size on the console using the command… setscale. Setting scale in game or in mods requires working with unknown variables. As in JINA Strong, while all my mods have been road tested to a point, they are… experimental.

I have added the slinky red dress to MacCready’s inventory. All stats are otherwise unchanged.

Console commands… resurrect and/or recycleactor can be used to reset MacCready’s attire and inventory. Doing so, will empty all previously traded items so first take back anything you don’t want to lose.

Screenshots – using Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer, Realistic Curves – CBBE Bodyslide Preset, CBBE Body and Hands texture Source, CBBE Vanilla Outfits and The Eyes of Beauty.

To install – download and activate esp through your mod manager or manually copy the esp file into your Fallout 4/Data folder.


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