JINA Deacon.esp Fallout 4

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JINA Deacon.esp Fallout 4

Jina’s Deacon Transgender Makeover – an attractive, glamorous and lore fantasy female disguise for player companion, Deacon.

The fourth in a series of companion makeovers that I have been working on utilising FO4Edit, Face Ripper and in game NPC editing tools.

Inspired by Deacon’s face and gender swapping dialogue… you could say that he was asking for it… so here is your “Death Bunny” buddy. Oddly his male voiced dialogue often remains appropriate to his new gender… “Are we having fun yet?”.

I have rejigged his inventory to add some female specific attire including Desdemona’s Fatigues, Geneva’s Outfit, Blue Sequin Dress, Slinky Red Dress and Fashionable Sunglasses. I have also added the Pompadour Wig to his container so it can be unequipped by trading with him/her. On fast travel he/she will sometimes still prefer to choose his/her own outfits… which is all part of the fun of traveling with a master of disguise.

Screenshots – using Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer, Realistic Curves – CBBE Bodyslide Preset, CBBE Body and Hands texture Source, CBBE Vanilla Outfits and The Eyes of Beauty.

Console commands… resurrect and/or recycleactor can be used to reset Deacon’s attire and inventory. Doing so, will empty all previously traded items so first take back anything you don’t want to lose.

To install – download and activate esp through your mod manager or manually copy the esp file into your Fallout 4/Data folder.


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