Synth Armors and Uniforms – Standalone Mega Pack – C.A.S.T Mod

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Synth Armors and Uniforms – Standalone Mega Pack – C.A.S.T Mod

SOON : Synths using our armor!
BIG UPDATES : 2.0 => 3D effect replacement for ALL textures (n map editing)
AND new white category added => extra damaged

(it’s at 2:11 in the vid.)


This mod adds the possibility to craft standalone synth armor and uniforms. This means that it is yours and yours alone. You won’t see any other NPC with it. All you need to do is to get some synth armor and go to a armor workbench to change the looks. At the moment there are 120+ armor variations and 20+ uniform !

Oh and because it uses vanilla meshes it should be compatible with every mesh replacer, cbbe included !

We made use of chrome effects to give the armor diffrent kinds of reflection colors.
I also made use of a another unique technique which I’d like to call “C.A.S.T”.

Normal map have also been edited, so now all textures have UNIQUE 3D effect !

What does C.A.S.T stand for?

C.A.S.T stands for Chrome Area Selection Technique, it is a texturing technique which make
me able to select the color of the chrome/reflection, the power of it, and the area
where i want to place it. Most armor options makes use of this technique.

The amount of reflection and the details depends on the light arounds you.
This means that it can look diffrent with ENB’s and lighting mods.

How does it work?


If you go to an armor workbench you will see the category Chrome Color. Here you have
4 options: C.A.S.T White / C.A.S.T Black / Classic White / Classic Black.

Choosing one of those will make a new mod options available with the color you choose to
use. In here you have the options to craft New, Worn, Damaged or Camo
all of this in 7 different reflection colors.

Note: Trying to paint multiple pieces of the same kind (like 2 helmets) can sometimes cause
a bug which doesn’t make the mod menu available. Equipping the armor or
dropping the extra armor pieces will fix this..

What about textures ?

(4K for the armors / 2K for the helmets / 1K specular maps)

4k Textured Uniforms :

For the uniforms there are 3 color options: Full black, Black/White and White/Black.
For each color there are 4 glow options and you can choose to use the Shiny version or the Classic version.

Credits and Team Work :

I would like also to present a new team member : MaaroTakai
His job was to make the standalone version possible by making the plugin and organizing it.
He also helped me with the mod page by making screenshots which I edited.
If you are able to craft everything in game it’s because of his excellent work!

Mine was mostly to work on all the graphics stuff (textures/chrome colors/glow/etc …)
If you have so many colors and textures choices, it is because of me ^^
I also helped testing the plugin to help him fix bugs.

This mod is a perfect example of real team work,
association of differents skills !

Much more will be coming soon, check the updates!


Want to join the team for future projects?

If you have some skills to share (editing program skills, graphic skills),
Or if you simply want to add your Synth armor textures to this standalone,
feel free to contact us !

Echoes56560 and MaaroTakai
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