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Maxons Multiple Gloves Armor

Maxons Multiple Gloves

Do you like Maxon’s Battlecoat but fingerless gloves aren’t your style? This mod will change the gloves associated with the armor, or remove them to have bare hands. It adds 11 vanilla gloves and 2 variants of bare hands to Maxon’s coat.

This will not affect any vanilla armors in game, as it only makes edits to the records via FO4Edit to change the gloves associated with Maxon’s Battlecoat.

Currently this mod is only compatible with Armorsmith Extended 2.3 and higher, and the .esp must be loaded after AE. All the functionality of AE works for adding mods to Maxon’s coat such as linings, etc.

Glove Colors: Since the gloves are all from the vanilla game any mods you have installed will affect the color of the gloves you choose. For example, if you have a mod that changes the color of Piper’s coat/gloves, the new texture will be used if you choose the Piper glove. This is because the mod only changes which glove is associated with Maxon’s Battlecoat, no .nif files are changed.

Please note: Like changing the color of Maxon’s Battlecoat, any changes to the gloves will be reflected on him too. So if you have not met him yet, and decide that Cait’s gloves suit your character, brace yourself when you meet because he will be wearing them too. (Which might be kind of humorous.)

Extra info: There were several other gloves that I did not include either because of excessive clipping, or because there was a gap between the glove and the PipBoy.

Add vanilla version for non-AE players.

—Note: Make sure that the MaxonsGloves .esp file is below Armorsmith Extended in your load order—
NMM: Download and install with NMM or your favorite mod manager that supports FOMOD, select the glove type you want.
Manual: Open the zip file and copy the .esp of the glove you want into your Fallout 4 data folder, make sure the .esp file is enabled

Should be compatible with any mod that does not alter the armor entry for Maxon’s battlecoat. I have tested with Unique Player and it worked fine, showing the hand texture (in this case nail polish) for every glove except the No Gloves (clean/dirty) which the game appears to be grabbing the vanilla texture. It should be compatible with CBBE but I have not tested that yet.

Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77 – Absolutely incredible mod that improves game play and should be required to play
Black Maxsons Battlecoat with all black under armor by agentbrea – Great retex (screenshot with black version), also she did the Black Corset included in AE which is where the Black Corset gloves come from
Black Pip-Boy by JasonK94 – From screenshots, works great with the black retex of the battlecoat
Nail Polish by ClaryKitty – Black variant in the screenshot
FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer – First time making a FOMOD install and saved me hours of smashing my head against the keyboard

My other mod
Silver Wedding Ring Retex – Mod I made to change the color of the wedding ring

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