High Res Anarchist Bandana Fallout 4

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High Res Anarchist Bandana Fallout 4

Welcome to anarchist attire. Today we have a stylish addition to the wardrobe of any disenfranchised member of the proletariat who wants to make a statement. This sleek, cotton-woven bandana is an excellent way to hide your face from the neoliberal fascist establishment as you go out for a night of revolutionary insurrection. But I know what you’re asking:

“But I’m a utilitarian socialist ideologue, why would I want an accessory with no practical value?!”

Worry not, because this handy accessory can easily be used as an emergency component for a molotov cocktail.

“But Thumblesteen! I’m a middle-aged single mother, what possible use could I have for an anarchist bandana?”

Anarchism is just as much about egalitarianism as it is about fashion, and as such; We’re proud to say that women have the same place in the revolution as men do. So you just put the little ones to bed, and go out for a night in town, counter-protesting an EDL rally.

“My word! This is an amazing product! How much does it cost?”

It costs absolutely nothing, because western capitalism is an exploitative state-driven measure to maintain social hierarchies.

“My name is Russell Brand and I fully endorse thi-”

Go away, Russell Brand, you make us all look like idiots.

Get your anarchist bandana today!


Q: Why replace stars and stripes?
A: Because anarchists don’t believe in national boundaries, and, this mod was mainly intended for fellow anarchists. So I figured that’s the bandana anarchists use least.

Q: Why is the flag vertical and not diagonal?
A: Because when you fold a square sheet of cloth into a facemask, the corners become the bottom/top, meaning that a diagonal flag looks vertical.

Q: Why didn’t you use the gold/black flag?
A: Because the red and black revolutionary struggle have been around for three centuries, and has a rich history of fighting oppression, building societies, and struggling to make a better future for people throughout the world. From Eastern Europe, to France, to Spain, to South America and even India. The gold and black effort to privatise the state and then proceed to do nothing have, at best, been a wishful dream for the last five decades or so.

Q: Will you update this?
A: There’s nothing to update.

Q: Suppose I want to suggest changes to the mod?
A: Just remember that you’re asking me for a favour, and that I’m not actually in any way obligated to do what anyone tells me to do. So, politeness, basic human decency, that kind of thing really goes a long way.

Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
A: The Fallout universe has the USSR in it. Meaning these was a Russian Civil War, meaning there was a Makhnovist faction, meaning there were anarchists. Also, the Paris commune is probably untouched in the Fallout historical timeline. So, yeah, it’s lore friendly by extension of subtext.

Anarchism – For Anarchism

You may use this mod for any project that in turn lets people use said mod for any project that in turn lets people use said mod for any project…
(Basically, if you let other people use your mod as a resource, then you can use my mod as a resource. Autonomy.)

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