Courser X-92 Moddable Suit Mod

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Courser X-92 Moddable Suit Mod

Mod News

– V1.2 is on the way! Expect it in the next two weeks.

– Introducing ‘Active Camo’!:
You can cloak at will, but it will drain AP when you move. Requires perk ‘Sneak 01’ to craft. If you are standing/sprinting, it drains faster than if you are sneaking. If you remain crouched, but not moving, it will allow you to regenerate your AP. But I’m undecided on how to implement the feature, so here is a strawpoll I’d like you guys to partake in to help decide the implementation. (Thanks!)

– Goggle Update:

– Goggles can have affects without the courser suit being equipped, this will be implemented in v1.2.
– Also, an additional mod for the goggles will be introduced: ‘Combat Sensors’. Combat sensors will take over the current targeting mod’s ability (activate targeting only when in combat.), and the Targeting mod will leave the effect always-on.

– Several Variations of the mod are on the way:
– ‘Goggles Not Required’ : All goggle mods will instead be equippable to the body armor as an ‘Ocular Implant’. (this will be a second ESP until development on this mod is complete.)
– ‘Scalable Armor’ : Instead of having some late-game armor right away, this variation introduces 3 armor tiers. Crafting requirements and all values have been changed (highest tier is roughly the same cost, and will be equivalent to the non-scaling). Start off by crafting the suit itself early on, then gradually upgrade to the highest tier as you level and gain the required perks.

– Unfortunately, DeserterX’s original suit mods were created as equippable armor, and as such I cannot modify the scrap values of them
until the GECK is released, but you can still sell them.

– Check out the ‘Discussion’ tab and leave a comment if there is something you’d like to see added to this mod


What this mod does:

This mod is an update to Deserter X’s Courser X-92 suit that changes his modules from being outside of the suit, taking up
space in the inventory, to being a moddable into the suit, like a normal armor mod. The goggles have also been changed so that the sight mods are equipped to the goggles themselves.

The weight of the power suit has been reduced from 20 to 6.5, since its so slim-fitting, I felt it was a bit heavy. This weight is in line with the Silver Shroud costume, with similar resistances.


Requirements and Other ‘Courser’ mods

Hey all, I’ve spoken to some of the other mod authors, and we have decided to remain separate in order to better individually support our mods. So, here are the mods that the other authors made:
Deserter X’s Courser X-92 suit – Required
Nivea’s Courser X-92 Power Suit Male Addon – optional, see also his ‘Zipped’ version.
Courser X-92 Power Suit – CBBE BodySlide by Ousnius – optional


Armor Mods

Adrenal Glands: The Adrenaline Pump mod adds the effects of Nerd Rage! to the player, but the values have been tweaked. The Damage Reduction and the Damage Amplification are slightly better than Nerd Rage 1, and it gives half the healing effect of Nerd Rage 3, as well as the slow time effect. Since the requirements are somewhat odd, it also passively gives 2 strength.
AP Regeneration Systems: Increased Action Point Regeneration
Steady Hands: Improves accuracy in VATS
Health Monitor: Provides an emergency stimpack when low on health
Active Camo: Temporary camouflage, drains AP if moving. Will stay camouflaged even when sprinting. (Work In Progress)

Vision Mods
Night Vision Implant: Grants augmented night vision
Targeting Systems Implant: Upon entering combat, X-92 will highlight hostile targets.
Recon Systems Implant: Mark hostiles on the minimap after viewing them through a scope.



Currently, this mod requires the DX Courser X-92 Power Suit.ESP, I have not completed the ‘No Restrictions’ version yet.
This latest update should get the Male Power Suit working, but I haven’t had time to test thoroughly. (Make sure this is loaded prior to the male suit esp.)
If you have the original armor mods from Deserter X’s esp, those are ‘legacy’, no longer craftable but they can be sold if you have them. – After the Geck is released, I will make them salvagable into this mod’s materials if I can.


Deserter X’s Courser X-92 suit
Nivea’s Courser X-92 Power Suit Male Addon
Courser X-92 Power Suit – CBBE BodySlide by Ousnius
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