Wool pallets sale v1.0.0 FS 2015

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Wool pallets sale v1.0.0 FS 2015

Placeable wool pallets sales trigger

Who does not like so much go to the sale point for wool pallets can use this mod.
Initiated this development was carried Comments on Map Oberthal Bach 2, where the sheep pasture is now away to some of the wool merchants.
The Konvertirung for LS 15 was taken because of the sawmill to be able to sell the boards on pallets without Map “Wollkneule”.

single in Farmer shop buy, place on a reasonably flat surface and the wool pallets can be sold there.

Shop prices
purchase price: 100, –
maintenance costs / day: 1, – (you have the convenience of its value)

First published

TMT, 06/11/2014

The Mod is a Credits.txt.


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  1. gtg925 says:

    can this be converted to fs 17? thanks

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