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The Pipe Shotgun Mod

The Pipe Shotgun

What is it?
It’s a pipe shotgun 😀


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Why did i make it?
There are loads of handmade weapons in fallout 4 but a handmade shotgun was still missing. A friend of mine convinced me to start modding and told me that there already was a half build handmade shotgun model in the game files. This was not being used by fallout 4 so i edited the model and worked on creating a fully usable and mod able weapon for in-game.

As mentioned before, the stats are about the same as the double barrel shotgun.
After the last update this mod now contains the following modifications:
– Five shotgun types
– Eight customized receivers
– Three barrel types for each shotgun type(3*5=15 barrels in total)
– Four grips
– Two Muzzle(one no muzzle)
– Ten Sights

The previously mentioned receiver was not the only thing that Bethesda left in the game files. Some sound files were also left behind so i used them to create a new distinct sound when you fire the gun. I hope you like it 🙂
Once GECK is out, i will try to create a pipe shotgun mod with a design that’s closer to the original model i found. I hope GECK will allow me to create a reload animation for the original model.(Pump action)

This weapon will spawn on NPCs and can also be found in safes etc.

At 2:15

Installation: Nexus Mod Manager
– Download the main file, and let NMM install the mod.
– Done! Make sure the PipeShotgun plugin is active

Installation: Manual
– Make sure your Fallout 4 is ready for mods. If you are not sure that it is, google for Fallout 4 Archive Invalidation
– Download the mod.
– Unzip the contents to your Fallout 4 Data folder.
– Activate the plugin.
It is recommended to use the Nexus Mod Manager tho.

The creator(s) of FO4Edit
The creator(s) of NifSkope
And my friend, Henkspamadres, for helping me and assisting me with creating this mod also thanks for letting me use your scopes and Deathclaw bayonet.
Check him out:
Gatling Rifle

Also check out my other mod(s):

The Standalone Shiv(s)

Click the picture to go there

Elgoes and Henkspamadres
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