Vibrant Eyes for FO4

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Vibrant Eyes for FO4

Adds 19 re-textured vanilla eyes – Standard normal eyes (no ghouls or synth) and their bloodshot variants, too. Each Iris has been drawn from scratch using both Photoshop and GIMP. Why both? I prefer drawing in Photoshop and adding finishing touches in GIMP, ease of access & personal preference. Each Iris was created in 4096 x 4096 resolution canvas for a high quality and high definition attention to detail. Once the Iris was complete, it was scaled down to the 2k remade eye texture. The default eye texture is 256 x 256. I upped it to 2096 x 2096 and repainted – I also painted in new eye lashes, too. I have an r9 280x 3gb (equivalent to the gtx 970 for you nvidia people out there) and experienced zero fps loss.

The eyes are not meant, nor designed, to represent a “Realistic” iris – There are more than enough great texture mods out there already that do that job. These eyes were designed to “Pop” and stand out and be highly detailed with the detail being noticeable.



Use NMM to automatically install the mod for you or extract the file into your game’s Data Directory.

To uninstall – Use NMM or navigate your way into the Data > Textures > Actor > Characters > Eyes and Delete the .dds files in there.


Don’t forget to add your own images of your toons with vibrant eyes!


Q: Do you suggest any other mods to use with this?

A: Yes, Eye Normal Map Fix <– use that.

Q: Will you change a minuscule detail to fit my preference?

A: No.

Q: Is this CBBE compatible?

A: Yes, so you can still get your e-peen on.

Q: Do you like short shorts?

A: Yes.

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