No more monochrome – Color setting for the Pipboy FO4

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No more monochrome – Color setting for the Pipboy FO4


Removes the monochome (shades of green) display in the Pipboy, making it ready to display Colors. By default, the color display is black and white.
Some mods bring Colors to the Pipboy screens (see below and screenshots).
Colors are by nature better then monochrome. World Maps, colored icons, animations and fonts are making the Pipboy more perdy & smexy!
No need to edit a game ini file so, this is for slackers!
Works 100%. (let’s see)

Sets the Pipboy as Colored by opposition to a monochrome shades of green where maps and fonts are blured by that saturated layer.
By default, colored means black and white because these colors pass through the green layer better.
So, when it is removed, one gets black and white screens with a painfull contrast (to some).
There are mods bringing colors to the white shapes and fonts.

The non-monochrome display is necessary to use a color World Map (yep!) and to use mods adding color to the Pipboy screens like those shown below.

NMMCP should work in any case. Even if the opposite setting is present in a game .ini file.
You can switch from monochrome to color Pipboy by activating/deactivating this mod’s .esp.

If you go color, you need mods to put some of it on the white shapes and/or Maps to replace the dismal default.

NMMCP can be used prior to installing a Colored World Map:

Satellite World Map
The 8K map is arguably the finest to watch. The level of detail is factually the best. The colors are sweet.
Immersive maps 2K 4K 8K by Reptileye
Fine too. Displays another palette of colors then SWM. There are particular installs for it in Z-o E.
Satellite Color World Map Combo by XunAmarox
Has been made out of SWM, the useless wilderness has been trimed, the problematic .esp has been removed and it provides an overlay of markers
for those who can’t wait finding places or not.
Fallout 4 Color Map by JudgeMental
Cool Maps For Fallout4 by Kgent77
Color Map 4K 2K with Magazines Bobbleheads and Armor Locations by VirusZ

I’ve made NMMCP to facilitate the installation of my Color mods for the Pipboy/Barter/Container screens (including DEF_INV resources).
It is part of Gold Kit for Color Pipboy, so you don’t need to install this one if you install GKCP.

Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black and White Screen-
Provides colored icons/animations/fonts for all Pipboy screens as well as colored icons to the Barter/Container windows.

A Realistically Weightless Colored Sorting Mod
In conjunction with DEF_INV and GKCP, provides sorting for items and the display of colored icon tags instead of [word] tags before the items in the inventory/barter/container screens. 16 tabs/50 tags/colored icons.

Zoom-Out Extended for World and Local Map
Allows to Zoom-out fully on the World and Local Maps. It colors also the on-map fonts and some or all mapmarkers.

The esp can be placed anywhere in the load order.
There should be no incompatibily (except if a mod uses the same FormID. Lottery chances).

If you publish, or if you know of a Color mod, I’ll be glad to add a link here.

Tannin42 creator of the very fine Mod Organizer (still in development for Fallout 4 though).
Whose post told me all. I also used the system he speaks of to make a similar mod for the Local Map in Zoom-out Extended.
That info is small thing compared to MO, so credits to him for it and bigger credits I give for MO and its subtle interconnected interface (way more thourough then NMM), which helped me well when I was playing Skyrim.

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