Vault Princess Bodyslide n Face Fallout 4

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Vault Princess Bodyslide n Face Fallout 4

Take the butt of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, and put it on the face of Marie Rose from Dead or Alive…and you have some sort of butt monster… but put the rest of the body in between them and it looks pretty okay!


Q: Ummm… I don’t think that looks like Marie Rose.
A: Neither would you after 200 years in cryostasis. It’s close enough, shut up, she’s not actually supposed to look exactly like her >:|

Q: Ummm… isn’t Marie Rose blonde with pig tails?
A: Yeah but I like dark hair girls and the game’s pig tails look stupid.

Q: I just played RE:Revelations, and I remember Jill’s butt being as big as a minivan.
A: Listen, the gamebryo engine has a lot of limitations and I don’t think it can handle that kind of load…

Q: Why would I want your save? I have over 200,000 hours put into mine… but I want that face…should I kill self?
A: NO! You should go and download Face Ripper ( ), and use that to transfer the face. That’s what all us fancy lads use you know.

Q: Where can I get your skin?
A: Ummm… I’m going to assume you’re asking which texture replacer I use, and that’s Oni’s face and full CBBE retexture ( ).

Q: What is bodyslide? Is that some sort of perverted sex mod? It sounds like a perverted sex mod.
A: Bodyslide is a perverted sex mod… if you use it right *wink!*.

Q: How do I install this?
A: Wow, you sure waited long enough to ask such an important question. The bodyslide preset can be installed with NMM ( or possible MO? I don’t know MO ), however the save game will have to be dropped into your save folder manually ( or anywhere really, since you’re going to be using faceripper anyway ).

Q: That vault suit looks great… I mean really great… I mean like my pants are off right now.
A: Uh…. yeah…that’s Proto Vault Suit ( ).

Q: Are you some kind of pervert who likes girls with cute youthful faces and giant boobs and big butts?
A: My pants are off right now.


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