Jack (Joker) (Save Game) Mod

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Jack (Joker) (Save Game) Mod

My version of a Joker-ish character, named after Jack Napier the Mobster. (One of his many supposed names/backgrounds)

Three versions available.

1) Before leaving Vault. I started him with a beard, because he’s not technically “the Joker” yet. Just a broken man who’s lost his family and may or may not have gone completely crazy at this point. (You can edit his appearance before leaving to your liking.)
– At Main Menu, open console and type: load JackBeforeExit

2) After leaving Vault (character includes shave, if you don’t like the idea of a beard) in case you’re fine with how he looks.
– At Main Menu, open console and type: load JackExitVault

3) Advanced Level 10 save, Sanctuary Fortified, makeup done (been to Diamond City), change in haircut.
Highly suggested/intended to use my Joker Outfit mod (will start with it equipped)
Also Hair Dye Mod for green hair.
– At Main Menu, open console and type: load JackTheJoker

Install location: User/My Documents/My Games/Fallout 4/Saves


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