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Ellie for FO4

Meet Ellie, the creepy vault dweller. She suffered some weird side effects of being in cryo for so long, and turned out looking like a psycho. She’s not a psycho though, her story is a “realistic main quest playthrough”. She doesn’t care about the world, or the people in it. She’s just trying to find Shaun. She uses melee and unarmed weapons since she never learned how to use a gun. Doh.

I don’t treat my characters as some special snowflake files that I will never share and will cherish like they are friggen national treasure. Nope. When someone asks “Eli, can you share your creepy lady preset?”, I share the preset.

This is not just a save game though, it’s also a mod, meaning it PARTIALLY has what you need to recreate this look.

It has the hairstyle (Waste Anchorage) and the eyes (“Cryo eyes”, custom ones based on some Skyrim textures by Aberin), and the face paint, but it doesn’t have a CBBE preset (I pretty much use base CBBE anyway), or body and face textures.

The only files you need for completing this exact look is Valkyr Female Face Textures and the Heretic tattoos.

The package consists of:

– Elianora.fos save file starting right before exiting V111 so you can edit her if needed
– Eli_Char assets.esp plugin which is needed for the hairstyle and the eyes. remember to activate it
– Facepaint2.dds which is a texture file that replaces the Dark Harlequin facepaint in the ShowLooksMenu


You can install the mod part of this package with NMM, but you’ll have to get the Elianora.fos save file from the download file (either in your NMM mods folder or download manually) and add it to C:UsersUSernameDocumentsMy gamesFallout4Saves. I didn’t want to make her a chargen menu preset in case people have other mods for that and things conflict.

Alternatively, you can just skip the save file and take the eyes and hair..

Fun fact, this is what she USED TO LOOK LIKE back in 2077:

Other mods in screenshots: Apocalypse Attire, Apocalypse Accessories, Proto Vault Suit, and my custom hood I will upload if I ever get the colour change to work and figure out who to ask a permission from.

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