Akira a save game file Fallout 4

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Akira a save game file Fallout 4


No, you will not find some Japanimation reference here.
Akira is the name of one of my D&D characters. I created her in 1981.
The name Akira was fortunately included in the game’s audio files, so if you leave the name, she will be addressed by it.
The save is directly outside of Vault 111. It is the only initial save I have of her.

Place this save file into your saves folder usually found in My DocumentsMy GamesFallout4Saves

When you go to load the game, hit T to select character and then either click Show All Characters, or scroll through the list until you see Akira.

To change her name and SPECIAL stats, click the tilde key ` and type in showspecialmenu then hit enter.

Please excuse my extremely low rez screenshots of her. My main rig died and I am on an abacus wired to a Lite-Brite. It is literally less than the minimum specs required to run the game.

Eyes of Beauty
Eye Normal Map Fix

Mr Dave

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