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Really Useful Fallout for FO4

I’m sure you have just like me, sat near your fireplace at some point, sipped tea and ate a small animal and said to yourself “Why has nobody put Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4 yet. I mean, he clearly fits in every possible way!”.
I certainly wondered this, and so, I underwent a long, six year journey of discovery. After killing all my rivals and eating their hearts, I realized I could just ask a friend to port some meshes for me, and made this abomination. Welcome to Really Useful Fallout, an abomination that replaces a variety of things in Fallout with Thomas the Tank Engine. Because why not, god is already dead after all.

This mod replaces the following things in Fallout with Thomas. The train. I have turned him into a murderer to spite Mattel because frankly they deserve it.
-One of the Flight Helmets, I don’t know which, it’s a surprise.
-All deathclaws
-All vertibirds
-Liberty Prime
-Mininukes and MIRV launchers
Sounds have also been replaced with horrifying, echoing train whistles. Your soul will be permanently tainted by them. You’re welcome.

Copy, extract, or coerce the files within this mod into your data folder. Then, find your fallout4.ini file, and open it. Find the line that begins with SResourceDataDirsFinal and append it with the following: “Materials, Textures, Meshes, Sound,”. When done, it should look something like this.
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS, Materials, Textures, Meshes, Interface, Sound, Music
If it does not look like this, you have done it wrong, and are a failure. I’m sorry.

Obviously, mods that modify the MODELS (just the models) of all the things I replaced will be incompatible. So will sound mods. If you overwrite them and stuff stops working don’t blame me. Blame yourself.
Thomas DOES look a little bit weird right now, but that’s because we here at Trainwiz are trying still to understand the new material system. I’ve currently got a member of Bethesda captive, so we’ll see if any answers come from him. Later updates will either, make him look better. Cut me some slack folks, I’m flying GECKless here.
Further updates WILL bring additional trains in the fray. To those hoping to kill Toby with a nuclear version of Percy, your prayers will soon be answered.
Credits to Izzy for providing the models.
Credits to Svedka for providing the alcohol.

Well obviously Trainwiz did it
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