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Organic XP FO4

Organic 12-25 FO3 standardized XP rewards an Organic New Deli Dank FO1/FO2/FO3/FNV/BOS 1000 base 50 bump XP re-balance.

You should use increased spawns, ROFL, so nice. Then survivor difficulty modded to a playable level that you can change as you play to keep the ratio feeling good to you, whatever or where ever that might be, don’t forget the ENB an PC game anti console settings @ Steam Forums Don’t like it, or urgh, I’d rather not… Say so we’ll change it till it’s right. You can also change it rather easily using xEdit (Alpha) otherwise known as FO4edit, but it’s more like PreFO4edit, don’t forget that… o/

This mod is the current 3.1 version I use of Waster Progression. Namely from players that just wanted to live in the wasteland an be wasters, wastelanders. However we would translate that into our world here. It serves to delay the leveled NPC list, thus giving us more time to experience the various NPC in those lists. A large part of the variation in the game, though in a slow play style.

FO1, FO2, Brotherhood of Steel was referenced for XP tables to use FO3/FNV as a guide in order to produce an organic version of all I could gather from the many XP tables. What that is? You might ask. Level 1 going to Max level. The requirements to reach those levels in a table used to set the progression of the game from 1 to max or in the case of a waster, whatever they might get to before they die.

Problem is that the max level in FO4 is way higher than any amount of XP we’ll get in normal game-play. To correct this without the math, cause I just don’t have time for it anymore. I used what I knew about the FO3/FNV table an experience working with it for about a month. To find the right amount of time that felt good for a waster. In the capital wasteland there are valuable members of the socity, the wasters though are pretty much worthless.

Good for gamers because there’s no rush an no need to be a hero, instead roleplay, you know that huge chunk of crap that was ripped from the game an replaced with FPS panash ??? ROFL Not that anyone noticed all that much. But then we’re going to do what we want to do in this game, an the idea of this mod when it began several years ago, was to support that via the long play.

The table works by base an bump. The base is 200, 201 for FO4 for some reason. It’s the same in FNV (an broken horribly) so to do the math we would need a text table to set the points. Base + (level x bump) = requirement, but also the running total so + previous in the table, thus why it’s a real time sink to write it out in math. Maybe later.

The organic version of that I found was 1000 bump, an a 50 base, because it was impossible nearly to match the same amount of max XP in a traditional base/bump setting. Then because I was referencing FO1/FO2 an BOS with FO3/FNV It became a version of those games tables mixed with FO3/FNV, but in FO4. I do know what 1,000 XP to get to level 2 feels like, as well as what 10,000 XP to get to level 2 in FO4, so it’s also based on that.

Experience gain was set to be based on what felt the best as a reward in FO3/FNV which had massive amounts of testing. Either way it was what we got used to, an it got messed with, without thinking of the poor players that liked the good feeling of the original. That’s the psychology behind the whole leveling up thing in games, it feels good. With this being organic there is more feeling, an such when paired with the standardized FO3 rewards in FO4 should feel awesome, although hypothetical pending more math.

You all suck o/ Kimber rides off into the sunset in a offroad vehicle…

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