The Ultimate Scumbag Mod for FO4

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The Ultimate Scumbag Mod for FO4

You’ve made an autonomous anarchist commune. Or a glorious Partisan order. Either way, you now have enemies who feel threatened by your newly made progress. And so this mod turns the Gunners and Raiders into Neo-Nazi gang members. The Gunners turn more into a white supremacist militia, and the raiders into, well, themselves, really.


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Changes all clothes exclusively worn by Gunners and raiders into Nazi themed ones.


Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
A: Raiders are already mentally ill drug addicts. That’s how Hitler started out…
Seriously, though. No, it’s not lore friendly.

Q: Is this mod safe to use?
A: Texture replacers can only cause bugs related to things looking
visually bad. It’s impossible for them to cause any bugs beyond this.

Q: Are you a Nazi, Thumblesteen?
A: I’m a disabled mixed race individual partly of Romani-Jewish origin. What do you think?

Q: Suppose I have a request?
A: Just ask away, but don’t take anything for granted.

Q: Can I use these files for my own mods?
A: You can as long as you let others use your files as well.

Q: This mod is offensive to me.
A: Really? A mod that lets you shoot Nazis is offensive to you? Is that because you are a Nazi, or because you don’t really get it?

Q: Fine, it’s not offensive. But even so, this is highly inappropriate for Fallout 4.
A: Really? A game that plays on the themes of personhood and racism throughout it’s main plots in not just Fallout 4 with the synths, but also Fallout 3 with the ghouls? It’s inappropriate then, is it? Go home. Go home and read something. Anything. Just put your critical thinking at work, even in the most simple of ways.

Current Problems:
Haven’t been tested a lot, but seems fine so far.

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