The Ultimate Anarchist Mod Fallout 4

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The Ultimate Anarchist Mod Fallout 4

This mod is an alternate lore kind of mod. Which replaces the Minutemen with an anarchist faction. Allowing you to build cool communes and kill fascists and stuff. Comes with all minutemen clothing altered to have anarchist symbols and colour schemes.

– Power Armour Paint Job with Black Army Flag. (Translated to English)
– Olive Drab Rebel Fatigues with anarchist armband.
– Anarchist guerilla overcoat.
– Navy Blue anarchist general uniform. (Inspired by the Black Army)
– Anarchist face mask.

Also comes with an anarchist flag and replaces all minutemen radio songs with anarchist/labour hymns from across the world. 20 songs in total.


Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
A: It’s an alternative lore mod, which means that it is designed to fit in with the Fallout lore. If it’s lore friendly or not is really up to your own personal philosophy on the matter.

Q: Is this mod safe to use?
A: Texture/sound replacers can only cause bugs related to things looking visually bad, or sounds not sounding properly. It’s impossible for them to cause any bugs beyond this.

Q: Are you an anarchist, Thumblesteen?
A: I figured it was kind of obvious by now.

Q: One of the songs are about liberals, how is that related to anarchism?
A: It’s a satirical song about liberals from a socialist/left wing perspective.

Q: Suppose I have a request?
A: Just ask away, but don’t take anything for granted.

Q: Can I use these files for my own mods?
A: You can as long as you let others use your files as well.

Current Problems:
Sometimes when you’re around noisy objects like turrets or generators, the songs drown out a bit.

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  1. Anarchic Arms says:

    Can you make it available for xbox one please please please?

  2. Jayson says:

    Please please please make this available for xbox one

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