Faction Ally or Friend Bat File Mod

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Faction Ally or Friend Bat File Mod

First Release, hope you enjoy it

To use these bat files hit the Tilde key (~)
Then type either bat.faction for all alliances to ally to the player
bat.faction1 for all alliances to be just friends

i’ve found that if you have already become enemies with the BOS faction this workaround is glitchy and does not always work.. i would suggest in this case to use faction1 first then faction to clear it up

codes to use with the factions
targetID.AddToFaction – Adds target to faction, needs to be used with a prefix or target, e.g player.AddToFaction 0001c21c 1 to add yourself to the player faction. 0=friend, 1=ally.
targetID.RemoveFromFaction – Removes target from faction, needs to be used with a prefix or target
targetID.removefromallfactions – Removes the target from all factions. Be aware that this will also remove the player from the “player faction” if used on the player.
setally – Makes two factions friendly with each other. 0=friend, 1=ally
setenemy – Makes two factions enemies with each other. 0=neutral, 1=enemy

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