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Diamond City SWAT Mod

“Putting the SWAT in Swatters since 2229”

No more goofy Skyrim-esque guards. You’re either SWAT, or you’re not. This mod upgrades the Diamond City security guards with better weapons, Swatters, and headgear.


Guards will appear with one firearm. They have a:

– 30% chance of carrying a random assault rifle.
– 30% chance of carrying a random combat rifle.
– 20% chance of carrying a random combat shotgun.
– 10% chance of carrying a submachine gun.
– 10% chance of carrying a rare weapon (currently a Flamer or Ripper).


All Diamond City security guards now carry random Swatters instead of plain bats. Two of the guards (market guard and school guard) do not carry firearms in the vanilla game. Their bats have been upgraded to Swatters as well.


Imagine my surprise when I removed the guard helmets and they all looked alike. Seriously, there appear to be two guard variants paired to two male voice actors, and the graphics follow that pattern as well. So I decided to add headgear for variety, but only items that look good and make sense.

Guards have a 40% chance of not wearing a hat at all. The ones who choose a hat will pick evenly between the Blue Batting Helmet, Field Scribe’s Hat, Gray Knit Cap, and black Metal Helmet. I know it is not uniform if they are not all wearing the same hat. Just trust me on this one.

Guards have a 40% chance of not wearing any sunglasses at all. The ones who choose shades will pick evenly between the Black Rim Glasses, Patrolman Sunglasses, Wraparound Goggles, and the classic Sunglasses.


Place the DiamondCitySWAT esp in your Data folder.


*** If your character has been to Diamond City: Travel to another area, wait 99 hours x 2 with the Better Wait Menu mod, then return to Diamond City in order for this mod’s changes to show. Tested and confirmed! ***
Even then, Danny Sullivan (the guard who let you in to Diamond City) may cling stubbornly to his pipe rifle. This could be a quest or animation issue, I’m not sure. He packs some nice tactical heat when I visit using my new test character, as seen in the screenshots.


This is a tiny mod that gets a lot of mileage in the way it’s implemented, because Bethesda was kind enough to include random weapon template lists in the game code. This mod only OVERRIDES:

– LLI_DiamondCitySecurityEquipment (0002332F)
– LLI_DiamondCitySecurityEquipmentBats (0012B97F)
– DmndSecurityOutfit (000BAD65)

The remaining entries are new, unique lists: DCS_LL_Glasses, DCS_LL_Hats, DCS_LL_WeaponRare, DCS_LL_WeaponTactical.

This mod only uses the default vanilla graphics and resources. Let me know if you’d like to jazz it up.


Take it, twist it, bend it, improve and repost it. But if you do, send me a courtesy copy and be willing to explain the magic if you coded circles around me.

I am a paramedic and an Army veteran. Please do not post comments about police, military, or politics on my mod page. Debates and drama will be deleted.


This is my second Fallout 4 mod. Check out Choice Chopped if you want new ways to make adhesive, cure addictions, convert water/wild crops, and use all that boxed food you’ve been throwing away.

Related mods that have not been tested with Diamond City SWAT, but look promising and worth checking out:

Open Faced Guard Helmets
Riot Police Equipment

If you make a compatibility patch, I will share it here and shower you with kittens. Get on that snuggle bus.


Nexus, Bethesda, Valve, Steam, FO4Edit, CyrusAmell, Spotlore, and Nukapedia for the never-ending charts of formIDs.


– More variety in facial hair and appearances.
– Add female guards and more diversity.
– Overhaul of the strangely empty security barracks.
– Guards give quests (after Creation Kit).
– Existing or spawned guards follow player on quest to free hostages from high rise.
– Guards train player in tactics and grant perk points (explosives, gun nut, brawling, etc).
– Burly NPC with braided viking beard as quartermaster, sells custom tactical items.
– More explosives, items, tactics, traps.
– Eyebot drone camera that can fly like ToggleFlyCam command, but not through walls or ground.
– Remote control toy car with explosives duct taped to it, can be driven and detonated.
– Explosives/science expert has bomb-defusing robot as follower (“Johnny 5”, Automatron DLC?).
– … ?

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