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Brotherhood Overhaul FO4

Brotherhood Faction Overhaul

Mod Feature List:

Flare Gun: Changes the Minutemen Flare gun to now summon Brotherhood Soldiers to your side
Flare Gun: Additionally the Flare Guns range is increased from 25,000 to 50,000
Armor: Brotherhood soldiers will now have chances to have Leather and Metal Armor, Not just Combat Armor all the time!
Weapons: Brotherhood soldiers will now have chances to have weapons besides just laser guns! “Additionally, Not an infinite chance to get Miniguns!”
Faces: Over 80 new Faces have been added “No Ghouls, so Less Face Options for now”
Vertibird: Vertibirds HP and Dmg have been slightly increased, to make it a more viable tool
Vertibird Flare: Required Distance reduced from 35,000 to 20,000
Minutemen Patrols: Changed Minutemen Patrol NPCs to Brotherhood Patrol NPCs
Minutemen Patrols: Additionally, These new brotherhood patrols will spawn at an 85% chance every 6 hours
Textures: Re-textured all of the Brotherhood Armors / Under Armors
Brotherhood Faction Leader: You can now walk up to any Brotherhood Soldier, and recruit them and they will fast travel / follow you “Works for Flare Gun / Checkpoint NPCs as well”
Brotherhood Faction Mercenaries: You can now build Brotherhood Mercenaries at any owned settlement

A few large updates still to come before CK, We have a team who will be working to fully overhaul and enhance the Brotherhood Faction!

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