Raider n Robotic Workshop Add-on – Automatron Req. Mod

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Raider n Robotic Workshop Add-on – Automatron Req. Mod

****************UPDATED 4/10/16****************
This mod originally set out to purely be a workshop add-on mod based around the Automatron DLC (Hence the .esp name!), but as I progressed I realized I had a strong desire to do much more content revolving around raiders and “their kind”. At this point, the concept for Blood. Rust. & Bone. was born, and this mod became a part of it. For those whom had already been using this mod, or for those that are only interested in the workshop items, this mod remains updated for future use as a standalone workshop add-on. When Blood, Rust, & Bone is released, I will link to it from here as well for those interested! My goals for the mod will require the creation kit, so it is still quite a ways off.

For now, this standalone version of the workshop add-on continues to be updated, and will see an ever increasing amount of new and vanilla assets added in as time progresses. This mod also seeks to add more custom snap points to objects, such as the vanilla raider poles, allowing you to create interesting new decoration layouts for settlements with less need of using console commands and the likes to move everything. Currently, the mod adds the following:

Various raider corpses, heads, and robot salvage with snap points allowing placement easily onto the raider poles. Note that due to how it works, default placement is on the wall for most objects.
A wall mount (Many more to come.) for mounting robot chassis to the wall.
A new hanging eyebot brazier, 2 new wall braziers, and several braziers straight from the Automatron DLC.
Several robotic / rust devil themed totem decorations straight from the DLC.
An X-Ray box with a few X-rays from the DLC.
RobCo service and repair sign, for all your robotic assembly area needs.
2 hanging “Robot salvage” containers.
Typing robobrains with seperate lower torso (With snap point). Future mounting surfaces in the works.
Few straight from the DLC robobrain salvage pieces.

As of now, this mod only uses vanilla keywords. However, rumor has it Bethesda finally patched the keyword bug, so, if that proves accurate, this mod will use its own menu under a broader “TDGaming” menu that will be for any other workshop add-ons I add. I will try to support a keyword free version for awhile, but if the bug has been fixed, it is less of a problem. I will try to keep patches for key mods at that point, as well. In the keyword free version, all decorations (Including the vanilla raider poles, I moved them to be easy to find together.) are under Decorations -> Misc, and lights are under Power-> Lights. Please note if you use a mod that changes vanilla categories, this may be different.

Compatibility issues: Currently, the only possible problem is if a mod edits the raider pole entries. In this case, please load this mod AFTER, or your raider poles will lack the proper snap points. Also note that the tweaks applied by Simple Intersections to the poles are already applied by my mod, so loading this mod after Simple Intersections is ideal.

Permissions: I am pretty easy going, especially since most of the content is either spliced from or direct copies of Bethesda’s original game content, but, I do ask that you not re-upload any of the content without first talking to me. In many cases I may be flexible. But please show me the courtesy, I have put a fair amount of time into this as I learn, and the custom models took time as well.

Change Log
V 1.0 – Initial release
V 1.1 – 3/25 – Added a few more objects (Straight from DLC)
V 1.2 – 3/26 – Added custom-edited Wall Brazier from spliced DLC objects.
V 1.3 – 3/30
V 1.4 – 4/10 – Added in dead bodies, heads, and broken bots that can snap to vanilla raider poles, new wall mounts, and future items.


Ser JuJoo Guppy

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