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JINA Danse.esp FO4

Jina’s Danse Transgender Makeover – an attractive, glamorous and lore fantasy female version of player companion, Paladin Danse.

The fifth in a series of companion makeovers that I have been working on utilising FO4Edit, Face Ripper and in game NPC editing tools.

By way of a possible explanation with thanks for suggestions… While single handedly mounting an attack on a mutant stronghold, Paladin Danse with his reserves all but depleted, suffered a direct hit from a mini-nuke. His remains were later collected by the Brotherhood and packed off to the Prydwen where Knight Captain Cade insisted they were destroyed. Hearing this news… Scribe Haylen secretly swapped his cybernetic implant with another and against the code of the Brotherhood arranged for Danse’s implant to be sent to Dr. Amari at the Memory Den.

The only host available was Annika, a memory wiped female gen 3 synth. Annika’s Locket turns up elsewhere in the game. Paladin Danse’s cognition was uploaded to Annika and any memory of the mutant attack, procedure or the fact that he/she is indeed a synth was deleted. Not to let something as minor as a sex change alter his committment to duty and the Brotherhood she is soon underway exterminating mutant vermin, raider scum and their ilk…. Ad Infinitum… Ad Victoriam.

Danse sans Power Armor – If you wish to pry him/her out of the Power Armor use the console commands as follows… select reference… recycleactor… moveto player… resurrect… and he/she should appear in a BOS outfit… lent to him by Scribe Haylen or was it Knight Rhys… This should avoid the “stretch armstrong” bodyshape that usually occurs when you use… unequipall on the console. Otherwise commanding him/her to use any terminal also usually does the trick.

I have added that slinky red dress and brotherhood of steel uniform to his inventory. All stats are otherwise unchanged.

Screenshots – using Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer, Realistic Curves – CBBE Bodyslide Preset, CBBE Body and Hands texture Source, CBBE Vanilla Outfits and The Eyes of Beauty.

To install – download and activate esp through your mod manager or manually copy the esp file into your Fallout 4/Data folder.


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