Recruitable NPC Dialogue Fixes Bug Fix

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Recruitable NPC Dialogue Fixes Bug Fix

2.0 adds the same fix for Sheffield
3.0 adds the fix to the recruitment lines for the recruitment lines for The Scribe, Trader Rylee and Anne Hargraves too.


After the Vault-Tec rep arrives in Sanctuary, you can ask him if he’d like a job and then send him to any of your other settlements (or leave him living in Sanctuary). Once he’s been assigned to a settlement, the dialogue is supposed to be disabled but due to a error in the conditions you keep asking him “Hey, now that you’re back here in Sanctuary, how would you like a job?” every time you see him…

Optional File

I’ve also included an optional plugin that also sets some of the more annoying or overly long dialogue lines to only every play once and never again, only use one file, the optional one includes the bug fix too.


They’re just ESPs/plugins, install in the usual way…
(Only install one of the files)

Compatibility and Load Order

Although my edits are very small, because of the way Fallout 4’s dialogue works (all dialogue is part of a quest), I’ve had too include the whole ‘WorkshopParent “Workshop Parent Quest” [QUST:0002058E]’ record in my plugins, as that is the quest record that contains the dialogue for the Rep and Sheffield. As a result, if you are running any other mods that alter the Workshop Parent quest (Where Are My Provisioners by Kentington is the only one I know of, and that needs updating for the 1.4 patch BTW), you must load them after my mod or their edits to the Workshop Parent quest will be lost.

TL;DR — put my mod early / high up in your load order


If anyone’s interested, the bug is that the dialogue greeting has a condition that is supposed to check whether the Vault-Tec Rep is a member of ‘WorkshopNPCFaction’, but the check is actually performed on the player instead, which always returns false and so the dialogue always plays.
The bug is identical in Sheffield’s case


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As there are no official tools for Fallout 4 yet, these plugins/ESPs have been made in FO4Edit

So, use at your own risk!



Bethesda for the buggy mess game we all love!
The FO4Edit team for allowing us to fix it!

Old Nick
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