County Crossing Crash Fix (Automatron) Mod

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County Crossing Crash Fix (Automatron) Mod

A quick fix for a CTD bug introduced by Automatron (generally when using UI mods) – when travelling to County Crossing (and presumably anywhere the Lair map marker can appear on the compass – East Boston areas etc), the game CTDs. This appears to be caused by the minimap icon appearing on the compass – at least for me (as for why, no idea, probably that special Gamebryo Magic™).

This mod changes the icon to the Vault one, which fixed the problem for me. Hopefully it helps you too, as otherwise I’ve got no idea what’s going on.

It doesn’t touch anything else – just that single fast travel marker record, so it should be compatible with anything that isn’t also touching that (probably nothing).

If your map markers are positioned wrong after installing, make sure you place this mod BEFORE other map mods in your load order (thanks mystera99!)

Made with FO4Edit, however it’s worth noting that even FO4Edit is in the early stages, so any mod that isn’t just texture/mesh replacement, even one as small as this, could irreparably break your game. Don’t sue me thx.

EDIT: As per VlitS’ comments, the crash is caused by UI mods in most cases (some people report having it even without UI mods). This is still a good workaround if you don’t want to use the default UI until whatever mod you’re using is updated, though.
Do note that this means this mod isn’t necessary unless you are already having the crash issue – though if you have a modded hudmenus.swf file (in data/interface/ – or if you use a mod manager that doesn’t directly install the mods, if any of your mods add that in their files) and it hasn’t been updated by the author to fix the crash, it’s a safe bet that you do need it until that happens.
UPDATE: According to dal100, multiactivatemenu.swf also causes the bug.

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