IPM – Insane Voices – Raiders Synth Fallout 4

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IPM – Insane Voices – Raiders Synth Fallout 4

Insane Voices

This modification silence or edit a large number of the comments spoken by Synths Gen 1 and Raiders.
For a complete list, see the spoilers.

But what is the purpose of this mod?

Quick explanation.
This is My workaround for “game AI”.

I enter the building where there are Raiders.
Sneaking to them because that character type I choose.
Lean out from behind a corner and “destroys” the skull to one of them with a shotgun.
And I hear “What the hell was that?” and despite the fact that his friend in misery just lost head and skipping the shot noise a few seconds later… I hear
“Oh man, please don’t be Ferals again.” or “Nothing there now.”
So I prefer not to hear them, than to hear them in a situation that does not make sense for me.

As for the Synth.
Who sends the “robot” assassin who still blabber what it does or what will do…

Does not contain any plugin (*.esp *.esm) replaces only audio files. (*.fuz)
It can be installed and uninstalled with Wrye Flash or Nexus Mod Manager at any time without any complications.

If you want to silence only some comments in the spoilers you have a list of all silenced comments and the corresponding files.(FUZ)
You can remove them after the installation, if you feel that they should not be silenced.
Making the installer that will allow selection of single files it would be a Nightmare to do and for the installation.
Since the modification just now contains 660 files and I will definitely add next.
When I decide that modification silences all the comments that I think are unnecessary or spoil My immersion.
Then I will do more advanced installer that will allow for more choices.

– First uninstall the previous version.
– Then install the current version.

Synths Gen 1 Voices
List of voices that have been silenced.

Spoiler Show

Raiders Voices (Male and Female)
List of voices that have been silenced.

Spoiler Show

The only problem which I noticed during testing when we use General Subtitles option subtitles are still displayed.
To eliminate this problem you need to edit Strings.
I do not use this option, and I will not be editing Strings.
Because it leads to incompatibility with Full Dialogue Interface.
It seems to me that I have found a solution for this problem which does not require editing Strings or ESP/ESM Plugin.
But I have to carry out more tests.

Change log

Spoiler Show

Work In Progress
Version 1.2 ETA 2016.02.28-29

– Super Mutants Voices
began to analyze all the comments

– Children of Atom Voices
began to analyze all the comments

Bethesda for games that we can modify.
Full dialogues and voice files list by zilav
Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7
Unfuzer CPP Edition by greentea101
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

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