Automatron equipment can now use ballistic weave FO4

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Automatron equipment can now use ballistic weave FO4

My mod now works with another mod that allows you to wear equipment under certain helmets, go check it out here: remember to load their mod last if you want them to work together.

I love the Mechanist constume, but I find it annoying how the helmet cannot have ballistic weave on it. Also I wanted my companion to wear the eyebot helmet I had, but it also had the same problem. Well, I fixed that. Now these three items can have ballistic weave on them:
Eyebot helmet
Sentry bot helmet
Mechanist’s helmet
Assaultron helmet

Have anything else from Automatron DLC than you want to have ballistic weave on? Comment, I might do it!

This should work with all other mods, all I do is add some attributes to the helmets to make them have ballistic weave.

Akemi Nakamura

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