US Expansion v2.4 (v1.32.x) ATS

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US Expansion v2.4 (v1.32.x) ATS

This card combines two add-ons US 50 & CA 99 and Cities Expansion
Adds many new roads and cities to the game
You need a DLC New Mexico
Works with most famous cards.

Compatibility MhaPro, Viva Mexico, and others
Connect above your cards

Contains roads and cities from addon US 50 & CA 99
– Added Yosemite Park (Yosemite National Park) and CA 108 and CA 120 from Project West (removed in v2.3)
– Added Li Vinin City from Project West (replaced by SCS version v2.3)
– Added decorations on US 50 between Sacramento and Placerville
In v2.3 most of the map was removed, the project “American West” was saved, only the redesign of the route from Fresno through Sierra was saved)

US 50
CA 99
Roads of Yosemite National Park CA 108 & CA 120

It also includes new cities and roads from the Cities Expansion addon.

Santa rosa
Fort sumner

US 54
US 84
US 95
AZ 95
CA 62 and others

Changes in version 2.0
– Added Vidal Junction
– Added City Parker
– Added CA 62 highway
– Added AZ 95 highway
– Fixed Vaugh Train,
– Added Quartzsite City
– Add stop signs to McDermitt
– Add stop signs in Yuba City
– Fixed base truck service station in Wells
– Fixed traffic machines that drove into some companies and disappeared
– Changed parked police cars (without driver) for high-speed police cars (with driver)
– Edited traffic events on the US 50 highway and on the CA 99
– Fixed vegetation in the rest area of ​​the US 50 highway
– Fixed many characters
– Added missing barriers
– Fixed holes (in the map) on I-5
– Fixed landscape and flying trees on I-5
– Added project American West V1.0 by Dybr

When installing this card, disable add-ons US 50 & CA 99 and Cities Expansion
You need a DLC New Mexico
The screenshots show new cities and roads on the map

Version 2.4 for American Truck Simulator (v1.32.x):
– Updated for 1.32
– Included map changes from SCS in update 1.32
– Removed a house in Walbert in Cimarron
– Fixed closed roads in Cimarron
– Fixed disabled nodes in Fort Sumner and other places
– Rebuilt Quartzsite city from scratch
– Rebuilt I-80 and CA99 highways from scratch
– Many bugs fixed
– Fixed some flying objects
– Fixed some holes in the map


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